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What Happens When Students Own Their Learning

🌎Our world is ever-changing (without a doubt). As much as we are doing our best to prepare them for something, we might not actually help them to prepare themselves for anything that might happen in the future. Hence, we need to empower them to be independent and continuous learner by letting them own their learning.

😉At the same time, we understand that it might be challenging to let them have total control of their learning, especially there are various checkpoints that they need to clear throughout their education journey in Singapore.

Start with small steps.

✔Let your children start planning their revision and homework for the upcoming Mid Year assessment.

✔Discuss together with them the feasibility of the plan. (Do remember we are the assistant, not the main planner)

✔Appreciate them for their effort in following through with the plan.

Will you take the first step in empowering your children?

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