Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How often should my child have sessions with one2tuition?

For our regular students in one2tuition, we strongly encourage the students to have at least one session of 1.5 to 2 hours per week for each subject. We want to ensure that the time we have with them will be sufficient for us to work with them. The extra session is only suggested if they really need extra additional help and during the examination period.

What is a Semi-Private Session? Why is the Duration 2 Hours?

It's a class of 3-6 students (Per academic level) with minimum of 2 tutors or 1 tutor and a qualified tutor assistant on-site. It's not a class-teaching situation. The main objective of this small group is to cater for students who need more clarification, attention, revision and supervision in their learning while at the same time building their confidence and social interactions. Check our class schedules to see which timing will suit your child better.

Do I have to book? Can’t my kid just show up?

Booking has to be done at least 3 days in advance through the one2tuition hotline and it is subject to the availability of slots and tutors. Ample time will allow the tutor in charge to plan and prepare the program for your child. We do not want your child to come and waste their precious time by ensuring effective learning sessions.

How far in advanced can I book a session?

You can fix a slot for one month, 3 months and 6 months to ensure a slot for your child. If you would like any additional classes, you can inform your child’s Tutor in charge or one2tuition hotline for the arrangement. The slot will be given based on availability.

What is the Cancellation Policy?

If your child can no longer make it to a class, please cancel your booking through one2tuition hotline. Any cancellation and changes should be done at least 24 hours in advanced. If it is done within 24 hours of your scheduled class, you will be charged a late cancellation fee of 1 session fee. Please ensure to cancel the class in advanced so we have the opportunity to open the space up to other people who need help and would like to learn. If there are more than 2 cancellations in a month, the slot will or may be forfeited.

What is the Late to Class Policy?

Please help them to reach early for them to settle down. This is to ensure that the session is effective for your child and they will not feel pressured from having to rush things out. If they are late, they can still come in to the class but the class will end on the dot. Otherwise, it won’t be fair for the children coming after.

What is the Class No Show Policy?

If your child miss a class and don’t cancel before, you will be charged a no show fee of 1 session fee. If you repeatedly miss the slot, we may revoke your child’s slot from that session. Please don’t make us do that.

What Will I Receive?

  • Progress Updates on your child's learning
  • Online support through Email / Whatsapp / Website Live Chat
  • Gradual Improvement in your child’s Learning
  • A much more confident child who believes in himself / herself and is excited about his/her learning.

Is the teaching in one2tuition aligned with the MOE Curriculum?

Our lesson materials are relevant for your child’s learning needs as we constantly monitor the trends in MOE schools, SEAB and international schools. We are also constantly gathering feedback from teachers, students and parents and upgrading our programmes to ensure that our teachings are effective for the students. Most importantly, we ensure that our teachings are aligned with your children's learning pace.

How is the Fees and Deposit Policy at one2tuition?

All new enrollees at one2tuition are required to put a deposit of 2 lessons fee per subject ( ie. 2 lessons fee for 1 subject, 4 lessons fee for 2 subjects). This deposit will be used to offset the fee of the final month upon either a month’s notice of withdrawal from class or at the end of period of enrollment. Invoice will be sent out on the 25th of each month and payable within 3 days. These fees will cover the education cost for the number of lessons for that calendar month. Please take note that cancelation done less than 24 hours will be fully chargeable.

What is your replacement class Policy?

There will be strictly no replacement class for student who cancels less than 24 hours. If cancelation is done by the tutor, replacement class will be arrange based on the availability of the tutor. On a goodwill basics, we will replace up to a maximum of two classes per term to be done at our learning space located in kovan. (e.g. if your child misses a class because he is sick, on holiday, busy with school activities etc.)

What if I am traveling during school holidays?

Yippie! All of us are always looking forward to the school holiday. We definitely want your children to have fun during their holidays. At the same time, we do not wish for them getting rusty when school starts. For school holidays, your child has to come for at least 2 sessions. Otherwise, sad to say, we have to let go of the slot for others.