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🙎‍♀️The journey to prepare for the PSLE exam can be a daunting journey for many students and parents alike. Parents often worry whether their children will be able to perform to the best of their abilities and reach their full potential. This concern can lead to stress, which unfortunately can be reflected in the students and cause a joyless journey towards the exams, as well as a tense relationship between parents and children.

🌴It's crucial to remember that P6 can still be a fun year for students. It's their last year in primary school, and it would be great if they could have some memorable moments. Even though they have a lot of studying to do, it's still possible to make the journey enjoyable.

😔How is it possible? They barely have enough time to study!

🪁Based on our experience with our @one2tuition community, we found that contrary to popular belief, many students who achieve their goals have plenty of time to play and rest.

📣Here are some tips to make your child's PSLE journey more enjoyable.

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