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My Child Keep Making Mistake. How?

When I was younger, I hated myself a lot when I made a mistake. I kept beating myself with nasty thoughts:

😪It was so simple. Why do I make such a stupid mistake? 😪No one made this mistake. It’s me. I’m the problem 😪Why am I such a failure?

😊It takes years for me to stop being anxious and doubting myself. I finally realise that making mistake is a necessary process in learning and it bounds to happen. Acknowledging this makes it easier to forgive me when I make mistakes and my learning journey has become more enjoyable. Hence, we have constantly affirmed to our warriors that it is okay to make mistakes and we are here to provide a safe environment to do so.

One thing that we have been telling them and we hope that you have the chance to tell your children too: It takes so much courage to make a mistake and we are very much thankful that you do so. Now, let’s see how we can improve on this together. 🤟🏻

Stay tuned as we release a series on the type of mistakes commonly made and how we can grow together from them.

Do you know that we have a telegram channel where you can send in your questions and receive support? 😱

For Secondary School:

For Primary School:

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