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one2tuition Holiday Program: Boot Camp, Pitstop 1 and Pitstop 2


one2tuition PSLE Journey is to assess your child's strength and weaknesses before PSLE. It will allow you to strategize their learning before the main exam.


7 Main Focus:
- Ultimate Exam Questions List
- Commonly Made Mistakes
- Dissecting Questions to Obtain Answer
- Easy and Simple Answering Skills to Improve Your Grade
- Checkpoint of the Answers to Score the Marks
- Pointers and Keywords to be Highlighted 
- Mentality Training


As it is meant to focus on individual student's need, the sessions will be kept small so the slots are limited 😊


First come first serve 😊😊😊


Early bird rate for registration before June Holidays 🎉🎉🎉


Do WhatsApp, email or PM us for more details and registration 🦄


Special bundle package for taking both Math and Science Premier Program 🎊🎊🎊


Registration Link:

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