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Recharge Our Brain with These Brain-Boosting Food

Exams are around the corner. It is the time of the year when students will spend a generous amount of time to study, feel cranky, stressed out, fatigue and yeah... all the similar symptoms are coming out. As much as our gadgets need to be charged, the important organ which controls all the learning and these moods need to be recharged as well with good brain food.

A lot of people are skipping meals to study during this crucial period. That’s a BIG No…No! Our brain needs to be in the best working condition. In fact, the food that we eat plays a significant role in keeping our brain healthy and alert, improving our mood, as well as boosting our concentration and memory.

So what should we eat to recharge our brain?

Fatty Fish That Won’t Make You Fat

Image Credit: Well Plated

High consumption of omega-3 fatty acids helps to improve our memory and help our brain work more effectively. And Salmon has it! Intake of Omega-3 is also associated with decreased risk of depression. Not forgetting serotonin and dopamine which are needed for mood-boosting. After all, learning is easier when you feel less stressed out, right? Seared Salmon with Garlic Lemon Butter Sauce might be an option.

Too busy to cook? No worries, fresh smoked salmon sashimi is as good as well!

Image Credit: mensfitness

Get Your Dark Chocolate Fix

Image credit: Super Healthy kids

Rather than just gobbling any sweet chocolates, consider consuming some dark chocolate. Dark chocolate contains theobromine caffeine which helps to improve our cognitive function, including vigilance, learning, memory, and mood state. Aim for at least 70% cocoa to make sure you get the brain benefits. If it is too bitter, chocolate fondue with brain fruits might be a good idea.

Super Food for the Super Brain

Image Credit: Tesco Recepty

Broccoli is definitely not everyone’s best friend even though it has powerful antioxidants that can protect the brain from toxic radicals. A meal consisting of rice, salmon, and broccoli is all that it takes to keep our brains happy. What should I do if my kids dislike the taste of broccoli? Don’t worry, you can sauté it with garlic, onion, chilli, and mushrooms and transform it to delicious Baked Cheese Broccoli.

Start Your Day with Sunny Egg Morning

Image Credit: Hostelbookers

The bright and sunny egg yolk is rich in choline which is important for maintaining memory and communication among brain cells. It has been proven in studies that greater intake of choline will help you perform better in memory tests. Omelette, sunny side up, poached, or scrambled, the choice is yours!

They Won’t Drive You Nuts

Image Credit: Inspired Taste

Among all the peanuts, the spotlight shall go to walnut! Walnut has high concentration of DHA that can protect brain health in new-borns, improve cognitive performance in adults, and prevent age-related cognitive decline. This is on top of all the different minerals, B and E Vitamins, and amino acids. A quarter cup of walnuts will be great for your brain.

Avocado for Ace

Image Credit: What's Gaby Cooking

If an avocado is your all-time favourite, good news for you! Avocado has healthy fats and omega-3s. It’s not only rich in taste but also in vitamins needed by the brain such as B, C, E, and K Vitamins. Not only eating avocado make you feel happier, it makes your brain work more optimally. If you don’t like the thickness of avocado juice, having avocado toast might be an alternative.

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