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What is There to Learn Beyond Academics?

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It almost goes without saying that all parents wish success for their children. All the hard work and sacrifices parents take are endless, just to ensure their children go to the best schools and receive the best education the nation has to offer. In return, the children study extremely hard, filling every spare time with homework and extra lessons to secure the straight As.

Ironically, the measure of success in the modern era has gradually shifted away from academic skills—more and more companies realize that good grades do not guarantee excellent work performance. Surely good grades open up many doors of opportunities, but it does not guarantee one thing: surviving adulthood. At the end of the day, we are not only raising children, we are guiding little adults. We are getting them prepared for the workplace, for the society, for their future independent lives. These skills here are not taught using textbooks and exams, yet they are some of the most desirable skills in modern society. And your children will definitely need your help to achieve them.

Good Manners Open Doors That the Best Education Cannot

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Good manners give a good impression, and first impression stay. You do not need to enroll your kid to an etiquette school so he can say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’. The best teacher for your child is yourself, so be the best example you can be and expect your child to do the same. Give up MRT seat to someone who needs it more, rather than asking your child to run and chop it. Treat restaurant staffs politely when you dine in with your family. Children are great observers and such habit will soon be ingrained in their daily behaviors.

Education is Not the Learning of Facts, but the Training of the Mind to Think


Easy for children, not for the parents. Most children have a natural tendency to ask questions. Yet for many busy parents, these “unimportant questions” are at the bottom part of priorities list. Discouraging children’s curiosities not only reduces the quality of their communication, but also their problem-solving skills. We realize that their questions can make you scratch your head at times, in which we shall say, “I don’t know, but shall we find the answer together?”

Passion is Oxygen for the Soul

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And it should be their passion, not yours. Observe how your kid usually spends her free time. Singing along to their favorite Korean oppas? Why not let her take Korean language lessons? Or you always find your kid munching snacks in the kitchen? Ask him to help you bake his favorite cake, he might be a future MasterChef. In any case, we are there to open doors of opportunities for them to discover their talent.

Failure is a Bruise, not a Tattoo

Image: Confident Parents Confident Kids

Growing up, my parents had always expected me to win every single contest I entered. “Because we don’t want to see you sad.” Well, looking back, losing in competitions is a great reflection of what I did right and wrong and how I could have done better. After all, there’s only going up after a hard defeat. Many successful entrepreneurs attribute their success to a certain failure in the past and their ability to learn from it. So, refrain from scolding your kids of their mistake. Instead, find a lesson behind it and remind each other in the future. Always remember that if you haven’t made mistakes, maybe you haven’t done enough.

Nurture Little CEO Since Young

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Certainly, you do not want your kid to be a successful CEO with $0 savings in their account. Weekly allowance teaches children to be financially responsible and nurtures self-control. Share a fun savings goal together and limit gifts to a few occasions. When you see them standing at the candy aisle in the supermarket deciding between burger Yupi today or fidget spinner by the end of the month, you are on the right track.

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