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Sumba Smiles Campaign, Bringing Joy and Laughter to People of Sumba

Image Credit: Misi Kami Peduli

At times, living in Singapore with our extremely hectic schedules make us forget about others. Not to mention that most of the times we forget to count our blessings.

While we are conveniently taking bus and MRT to our schools (yeah, even though sometimes MRT trains have to break our heart by breaking down T_T), there are a lot of children who have to travel a distance and cross over a river for few hours just to study. Oh, and not everybody will have the privilege to do so. Some families do not even have enough money to afford their daily food. So, what will happen? The young kids of the families will not be able to go to school as they have to help the family to work on the farms.

Open the tap and let the water gush down. It is there, streaming down, never ceases. That’s what is happening here. Yet, we don’t realise that it’s a blessing for us. At the other side of the world, there are people who have to walk kilometres just to get a bucket of water. Yes, for only a bucket. Rainwater will be their alternative as well. If there isn’t any? Drinking murky water will be the only option, especially during the drought.

That’s what the people of Hombakaripit in Sumba, Indonesia is experiencing now. For years, or maybe for their whole life, they have been struggling for water, electricity, healthy food and education.

Video Credit: Misi Kami Peduli

Isn’t it wonderful if we can share parts of whatever we are enjoying now to them?

Having the privilege to study in Singapore, a group of Indonesian students sees the need to contribute actively to the advancement and development of the country, especially in the rural and underdeveloped parts of the country.

Started in 2008, this year marks their ninth year of contributing and empowering communities in Indonesia. Through this programme, previous MKP teams have had the opportunities to visit underdeveloped regions in Indonesia and conduct series of impactful activities there. They have visited various places in Indonesia such as Tajem Sari Village, Central Java (2009), Ketapan Rame Village, East Java (2010), Aek Popo Village, North Sumatra (2011), Pemenang Timur and Tegal Maja Villages, West Nusa Tenggara (2012), Bonto Nyeleng Village, South Sulawesi (2013), and many more.

Image Credit: Misi Kami Peduli

They stay with villagers, engage directly with locals, conduct workshops, learn local wisdom and insights, initiate skills and knowledge sharing, develop mutual respect and understanding and much more. These create lasting and meaningful impacts on the lives of the villagers as well as our team members alike. While juggling their hectic academic schedules, the team continue to fight for the sustainability of the programmes hoping that they can continue to bring a positive change to their beneficiaries and inspire more youths to initiate and commit to the development of other rural areas.

This year, the young and enthusiastic Indonesian students who are studying in the National University of Singapore is raising fund to provide proper sanitation facilities, safe drinking water, and electricity for the people of Hombakaripit, Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. The team will carry out the mission in mid-December 2017.

It’s time for us to do something. All of us can make a change, no matter how small it is. We can bring joy and laughter to them, how amazing it is?

In one2tuition, we are aiming to bring positive impacts to millions of people and you can be part of it too. Let’s embark on Sumba Smiles Campaign together by supporting them through their crowdfunding page:

Our hope and our prayer for #SumbaSmiles.

Follow their Facebook page and Instagram for more information about the program.


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