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one2tuition Launches Edupoly, Fun Educational Board Game for All

"Children Learn as They Play. Most Importantly, in Play Children Learn How to Lean." - O Fred Donaldson

And we can't agree more. That's the very reason we are preparing this great surprise for one2tuition family and friends 😊😊😊

Edupoly- Let’s Play2Learn!

A Fun Educational Board Game for All!

This will definitely be helpful if you are facing these scenarios:

Having difficulties getting your kid to study? They just love to play and you wanna somehow make them learn and play at the same time? Want to have a great bonding time with your children while studying? And most importantly, stress free learning environment 😊😊😊 So we came out with this innovative and educational board game. Beware, it's very addictive!!!! Various questions categories can be chosen from General Knowledge, Science, English, Maths and more. For students, questions will be based on MOE Syllabus.

This game has been designed in such a way that it will be suitable for play dates and it can be played among kids and adults of different ages. It will be a very good bonding game between parents and kids of different age.