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6 Schools Having Open Houses on 19 May 2018

Still deciding which schools to go? You may want to visit these schools to find out a little bit more about their programs and DSA exercise.

CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School

Source: CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls School Website

Located in Ang Mo Kio, CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School is an all-girls Catholic school which is part of the designated Special Assistance Plan (SAP).

If your child is interested in joining Cross Country and Gymnastics, CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School may become one of your options. Looking to join MEP programmes? They offer few enrichments as their signature programmes including Malay Dance Workshop, Indian Classical Music Workshop, Indonesian Gamelan Workshop and many more programmes which will give your children hands-on experience of these cultures.

CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School is affiliated to Catholic Junior College and it is now offering Integrated Programme (IP) in collaboration with Eunoia Junior College.

  • 19 May 2018, 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Tel: (65) 6737 1845

  • Website:

Dunman High School (IP)

Source: Dunman High School Website

Dunman High School, located in Tanjong Rhu, is one of the largest government-aided schools in terms of physical area. It is currently offering the IP and SAP programmes. On top of that, to support the talent of the students, DHS offers Bicultural Studies Programme (BSP), School-Based Gifted Education (SBGE), Thinking Research Programme (TRP), Future Problem Solving Programme (FPSP), Young Writers’ Programme (YWP) and so on.

DHS hold exchange programmes and some of their CCA training camps overseas, which will give good exposure to your children. Besides having Chinese Orchestra as its forte, DHS has strong Uniformed groups with Saint John Ambulance Brigade, Scouts, Girls Guides and National Police Cadet Corps achieving Honours.

  • 19 May 2018, 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Tel: (65) 6345 0533

  • Website:

Hwa Chong Institution (IP)

Source: Hwa Chong Institution Website

Founded in 1919 by prominent businessman Tan Kah Kee, Hwa Chong Institution has a history of 98 years as the first Chinese institution of higher learning in South East Asia. Ministry of Education has designated HCI as FutureSchool@Singapore in which the students can look forward to more innovative teaching methods and engaging lessons through the usage of Information and Communications Technology (ICT).

HCI operates under the SAP programmes, and it currently offers the IP and the School-Based Gifted Education Programme (SBGE). If your child is craving for more academic studies beyond the standard curriculum, HCI offers special programmes to enable the students to pursue certain fields to a greater degree such as Bicultural Studies Programme (BSP), Gifted and Talented Education Programme (GATE), Science and Math Talent Programme (SMTP), Humanities Programme (HP) and more. In addition to this, HCI offers Sabbatical and Exchange programmes which will allow the students to learn beyond the academic studies.

  • 19 May 2018, 8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Tel: (65) 6737 1845

  • Website:

Methodist Girls’ School (DSA Talk)

Source: The Smart Local

Well-known for its academic and sporting excellence, Methodist Girls’ School (MGS) is consistently placed in the Band 1 category. Few of their sports teams including golf, netball, softball, squash, swimming, synchronised swimming, tennis and bowling have consistently clinched awards for the school.

Since 2010, MGS is partnering with Anglo Chinese School (Independent) to offer International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) through IP programmes. If you are looking for something more for your child, MGS offer Sophia Blackmore Academy which is modelled from GEP programmes. SBA provides the students with enrichment opportunities such as Creative Heuristics Application of Science (CHAOS), Creative Arts Programme (GEB), Macquarie Bank Future Problem Solving Programme and more.

The cut-off point for MGS through PSLE is pretty high so students may also apply through the Direct School Admission (DSA) exercise which will be discussed this Saturday (19 May), so visit the school to find out more about this.

  • 19 May 2018, 8:30 am to 10: 30 am Tel: (65) 6469 4800

  • Website:

Raffles Girls’ Secondary School

Source: Raffles Girls' School Website

As one of the oldest secondary schools in Singapore, Raffles Girls' School (RGS) is known for its sporting and academic excellence. In addition, the students are given opportunities and guidance to participating in various competitions including Green Wave Environment Care Competition, Singapore Young Physicists’ Tournament, and so on. A group of four who joined the latest Kids’ Lit Quiz will be representing Singapore for world competition in New Zealand this year. Since 2006, RGS organised RGS-International Convention for Youth Leaders (RGS-ICYL) as a platform for female youth leaders from diverse background to exchange experiences and ideas to be a great female leader in the society. It gives the students great perspective of different cultures and insights from various countries, which will be a great learning for the students.

If you are joining RGS next year, you will have the chance to study on the new campus. By the end of 2019, the 138-year-old will be relocated to a new campus in Braddell Road. The new campus will have outdoor learning spaces and performing arts centre.

  • 19 May 2018, 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Tel: (65) 6737 1845

  • Facebook Page:

Raffles Institution

Source: Raffles Institution Website

Founded in 1823, Raffles Institution (RI) is the oldest school in Singapore. RI offers Raffles Programme which is a IP program that provide options for students to have research and independent learning on top of the regular curricular subjects. On top of that, if you are looking for something more, RI offers more programmes, such as Raffles Philosophy Programme, Research Education, Raffles Academy, Computer Elective Programme and more.

As a year 3 student, your child will have a chance to have boarding experience which will help them to learn to be more independent and self-discipline by staying out of their comfort zone.

  • 19 May 2018. 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Tel: (65) 6419 9242

  • Website:

If you cannot find your choice of school here, explore this link to find the full list of the Singapore secondary schools’ open houses in May 2018.

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