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6 Schools Having Open Houses on 19 May 2018

Still deciding which schools to go? You may want to visit these schools to find out a little bit more about their programs and DSA exercise.

CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School

Source: CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls School Website

Located in Ang Mo Kio, CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School is an all-girls Catholic school which is part of the designated Special Assistance Plan (SAP).

If your child is interested in joining Cross Country and Gymnastics, CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School may become one of your options. Looking to join MEP programmes? They offer few enrichments as their signature programmes including Malay Dance Workshop, Indian Classical Music Workshop, Indonesian Gamelan Workshop and many more programmes which will give your children hands-on experience of these cultures.

CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School is affiliated to Catholic Junior College and it is now offering Integrated Programme (IP) in collaboration with Eunoia Junior College.