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6 Adventures in one2tuition Signature PSLE Journey

I'm not telling you it's going to be easy. I'm telling you it's going to be worth it. ~ Art Williams Embark on Your PSLE Journey with one2tuition. Here are the 6 adventures we will go through together. 1. PSLE Bootcamp

Date: Tuesday (Science), Wednesday (Math) and Thursday (Science/Math application skills), 10 to 12 Dec 2019

Time: 9 a.m. to 1.30 p.m.

Have a Good Start, Most Importantly Have a Right Start.

When it comes to preparing for PSLE, it is no longer only about acquiring the knowledge but also having the right mentality and managing own expectation. The right mental strength is equally important to sustain the ups and downs for the next 10 months of PSLE Journey.

Things to be covered:

- Update on Latest MOE Syllabus

- Discussion on PSLE Exam Format

- Simple and Proven Answering Skills to Improve Your Grade

- Tackling Challenging Questions

- Exam Prep Strategies - Mentality Training

- Target Settings

Coming up in 2020:

2. Refuel and Recharge (January to August 2020) We always believe in continuous learning. Discipline and consistency are the keys. If you do so, nothing wrong with having breaks and fun here and there. Refuel yourself with daily knowledge and recharge yourself with fun sessions in one2tuition. 3. Pitstop 1 (March Holiday 2020) Time to check how ready you are for the next phase of the journey. 4. Pitstop 2 (June Holiday 2020) As you finish all your syllabus, let us be your pacer before your final run. 5. Final Lap (August to September 2020) Run your own race. Allow us to hold your hand and run together with you to the finish line. 6. Last Hurdle (Mock Exam - Sep 2020) Gauge yourself. Evaluate yourself. We will work on the last hurdle before you reach the final line.

No Empty Promises, But Guaranteed Promise

We are not here to promise you that your children will get the best 3-digit PSLE t-score. However, we promise you more confident children who will enjoy learning and take more ownership in what they do. By doing so, we believe that they will get the results they desire.

Your Well-being is More Important than Your Marks

We are not here to force your children to study for hours without any breaks. The time your children spend to rest is as important as the time they spend to study. We are here to share with them how to make effective study plans so that they will be able to study smart.

Grooming Individuals with Growth-Mindset Besides knowledge, we impart to them the skills to learn and the right mentality. PSLE is not the finish line. There is still a long road ahead of them and they have to embrace it. Throughout the years, we have seen how the students grow to be more independent learners who seek improvement and excellence.

Pm or whatsapp us at 8122 1012 for registration and more details. Slots are limited as we wish to keep the class small ☺️

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