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8 Ways to Help Children Learn from Mistakes

🛡️As an adult, it is very tempting for me to shield the children from making mistakes. When I was new and inexperienced, I tend to jump too quickly to rescue them whenever I saw them going to make a mistake. How wrong I was.

🎈Throughout the years, even though it was uncomfortable, I intentionally learnt to let them make mistakes. It was one of the best decisions I made.

🤨Once in a while, the children will start raising their eyebrows when they look at their own workings and answers. Slowly but surely, they learn to be more careful with their work.

🤩It does take time to build this habit but the time invested in it will be worthwhile. These are the things that we constantly do to help the children learn from their mistakes. And do remember, one step at a time.

Save this for your reference and let us know what is the first step you will want to try today.

Looking for some additional support to help you and your children? 😱

For Secondary School:

For Primary School:

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