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COP Secondary School Singapore 2023

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Things to take note of from the following list:

  1. To read the list: School name (course): PSLE Score Range 2023 (COP in 2022)

  2. To find the specific school name: Use the search function from the browser (Ctrl+F).

  3. HCL Grade: (D) = Distinction, (M) = Merit, (P) = Pass; The HCL grades of the first and last student admitted into SAP schools are reflected in parenthesis. If the first or last student did not take or pass HCL, no HCL grades will be shown.

  4. *The last posted student had a PSLE score better than 30. However, as the school still had vacancies after the S1 posting, its cut-off point is reflected as 30 as it could have admitted an S1-eligible student with a PSLE score of 30.

  5. All data are compiled from MOE Official Website. It works as a reference and not an exhaustive list. The list will continuously be reviewed and updated.

  6. For best viewing, use a web browser.

Non-affiliated Schools





School with Direct Application process (not involved in S1 posting)

School with Direct School Admission process (not involved in S1 posting)

Affiliated Schools


Nanyang Girls’ High School: 4(D) – 8(M) (4(D) – 8(M))




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