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one2tuition PSLE Booster Camp 2023

We hope that you had a great semester so far! Some of you might have some assessments in your school, and some might not. Regardless of what it is, we hope you have a great preparation for your PSLE. We are here to support you with the additional help you need to achieve your desired results. To help you equip yourself better for your next stage, specially designed for you.

Our main focus: ✨Simple and Proven Answering Skills to Improve Your Grade ✨Tackling Challenging Questions ✨Avoiding Commonly Made Mistakes ✨Exam Prep Strategies ✨Mentality Training ✨Target Settings

Mathematics: 30 May 2023 English: 31 May 2023 Science: 1 June 2023

Bundle deal: 👌5% off for 2 subjects 👌10% off for 3 subjects

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