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From Frustration to Triumph: A's Science Journey with one2tuition

A has been struggling with his Science. No matter how hard he tried, he struggled to surpass the 60s mark in his exams. I wanted to help but I was also uncertain about it. Feeling disheartened, I reached out to a fellow mummy friend for advice. She recommended one2tuition. I was desperate so I decided to give it a try and scheduled consultation sessions for my son.

Despite his busy schedule, we made time for regular sessions with one2tuition. Right from the start, A and his tutor clicked. The tutor introduced us to the one2tuition PSLE Revision booklet which was packed with valuable resources and practice materials. It was such a great teamwork between A, his tutor, and me. We worked through the booklet, revising consistently and focusing on areas of weakness.

As time passed, A's understanding of Science improved significantly. His confidence grew, and he started to see a noticeable improvement in his Prelims and ultimately, his PSLE scores.

The journey hadn't been easy, but through dedication, teamwork, and the support of one2tuition, A had overcome his struggles and achieved success in Primary school Science.

As we celebrated A's accomplishment, we couldn't help but feel grateful for the invaluable guidance and support we had received.

💌Send your children's latest assessment papers and we will send you back comprehensive feedback on their strengths and what to focus on.

We're excited to open slots for consultation sessions to help your child prepare for WA2. Let's unlock their true potential together! 🚀

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