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A Chat over Milo-Peng: Arvelia Yardhika, Founder of one2tuition

In this first article of A Chat over Milo-Peng series, we sat down and talked to our founder and MOE scholar from Indonesia, Arvelia Yardhika, about her view on Singapore education system, online tuition/consultation and her future plans for one2tuition.

Q: What do you think of Singapore educational system and what are the challenges you have seen so far?

A: Singapore is recognized as having the best educational system in the world, topping a lot of global education rankings.

However, it seems that children carry with them high demands and expectations, be it from school or family environment. Academic expectation is deemed most important and competition in this area is fierce. Less inclined children would bear a certain label while ignoring other talents such as social skills and good characters. 

Q: What is the best way to help students cope with such heavy burden of studying?

A : It took us some time to research the best learning methods for students, until we decided that the RIGHT method depends on the student. In one2tuition, we tailor the way we teach to suit each individual student’s personality and learning style, providing maximum support for their personal challenges while cultivating their strengths. Overall students find learning with us more enjoyable, which reflects in their attitude towards studying and improved school performance. We are also heartened by the support from their parents as they start to understand their children’s abilities—strengthen their children’s weak spots instead of giving them more pressure.

Q: How has online tuition benefitted your students?

A: It is a reality that many of our students these days are sometimes busier than their own parents. Our online tutoring system has helped them to save their precious time by not having to travel all the way to the centre to study with us.

Our online exam consultation program also helps students feel better prepared when school teachers rush through the last bit of their topics or when they are unable to solve challenging questions. In the future we wish to be the most available and trusted platform for students when they are in urgent need of help in studying.

Q: Please share with us your plans for one2tuition in the near future.

A: Helping children has always been in our mind, that is the reason why we established one2tuition. One day, we hope to teach a class of unfortunate children for free regularly. They too deserve help in their growth and future.

Arvelia Yardhika - one2tuition 

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