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Secondary Schools’ Open House Calendar 2017

The 2017 Primary School Leaving Examination (P.S.L.E) results will be released between 24 and 27 November 2017. It’s time for another tough decision, choosing the right secondary school.

Every school is a good school. Yet, the right and suitable environment will help your child enjoy school days better and motivate them to do well. Hence, involving your child in making the decision will make the process easier.

Another way to find out about the schools' niche programmes and environments is by going to the open houses. Few numbers of schools are holding the open house on the same day. If you plan to visit few schools before making your final decision, do plan your days to get the most accurate experience of schools that your kid is going to.

Take a sneak preview of the schools’ environments on following dates:




North East


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Unknown member
Sep 08, 2021

I really enjoyed your blog posts, thank you.

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