Hello Hougang! We're Finally Here!

Dear Parents and one2tuition little warriors, we are happy to announce the launch of our new one2tuition Boutique Education Hub in Hougang, Kovan. All this would not have been possible without your constant support. With our new location, all our existing students will be entitled to our current promotion.

We are just a 5 minutes away from Heartland Mall where you can find the ever-reliable Popular Bookstore. If you are craving for Thai food, the famous Nakhon Kitchen is at the same block. The recent “Unicorn” craze ice-cream can be found at Hatter Street Desert Shop just below our centre and there are so much more. (If we are to carry on, don’t we sound like a food blogger? ;0)

A little bit about us!

We started with giving home tuition. As we are growing, our tuition slots became limited. Parents and our little warriors are requesting for more time slots which we are unable to accommodate. Not forgetting, students nowadays are packed with their other enrichment activities as well. Hence, after careful consideration, here we are. Our second center will be located right in the heart of Hougang, Kovan. At our center, we provide longer learning sessions that come with affordable prices. Most importantly, the right learning environment accompanied with all our in-house qualified tutors. If it’s too good to be true, let me assure you, it’s definitely TRUE!

Remember this date: 4th November 2017

We will be commencing our first lesson in the new base camp.

Why one2tuition Boutique Education Hub?

• Our tutors are qualified: MOE-ASEAN SCHOLARS.

• You will never have to worry that your child is unable to keep up with their learning anymore.

• Our tagline “The Education You Need, The Attention You Deserved” clearly explains why your child will never be left behind. Our programs are tailored to suit each student according to their own learning pace.

• All our materials are constantly updated in-accordance to the latest MOE Syllabus.

• Lastly, it’s never about US, it’s all about your children.

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3 Main Reasons We Started one2tuition

• We are different from any prestige tuition centers, where 99% of students achieved As. We’re proud to say that we have a retention rate of 99% and 99% of our students have demonstrated great improvement in their results and attitudes towards learning. Learning is never a sprint, it is a lifelong journey.

• What have been done when a student is unable to catch up with the rest of the class in group tuition? Increase the homework load? Inform the parents? Are these methods actually helping? Eventually, most of these students have to drop out and seek another alternative. We are really glad that they seek help from us. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have these fantastic students who are pursuing their dream with us. We are friends to most of our students and many of them look up to our tutors as their role model. They do not have to learn the way teach because we are going to teach the way they learn. You wouldn’t mind if your child wants to be an MOE ASEAN SCHOLAR as well, right?

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• Unleash their true potential? Before that, let them unleash their true self. A lot of these students are chasing others’ dreams. Don’t you think so? At one2tuition, we give them space to truly unleash themselves and pursue their own dream. The child improvement speaks for itself.

If you want to find out how we can help your child, feel free to buzz us for a coffee talk, WhatsApp us or email us. We are more than happy to share. See you in Kovan soon!

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