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Happy new year 2018! We hope you spent it well with your loved ones.

Every single year, our 12-year-old children (and also parents) are faced with one of the most daunting and extremely stressful check point, Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE). There area lot of factors attributing to this. One of them would be inadequate preparation. Fingers are pointing to parents, school teachers and tutors. This adds on the pressure are inevitable despite their good intention of giving the best to the children.

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So how to make this journey less stressful? Let us share some of our favourite tips!

If You Start Now, You’ll Start Seeing Results One Day Earlier

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Things have to be different from previous years. Usually, December is a holiday month and preparation begin after their year-end holidays. If you fall into this category, there’s nothing we can change now. Let’s just move forward. Start your preparation today! We practically have 9 months left for PSLE. Show them how excited you are in helping them and let them know that their well-deserved holiday would be after their PSLE. Additional incentive, give them 3 locations and let them choose their favourite one. (as long as it doesn’t hurt your pocket)

A Simple but Genius Plan Will Help You Succeed

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The same old saying, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Working out a time table not only get them more organised, it also allows them to take more ownership of their studying. Letting them decorate their timetable can be motivation and destress as well.

Just a quick recap on the topics which we covered during the Boot Camp. One of the main things was Goals / Target settings where the students commit to sacrifice their favourite games or toys to have additional time for revision or study. Giving up does not mean totally eliminate it. They can still have short time to enjoy it daily or do their hobbies in the weekend as a form of recharge. There must be a study life balance.

Happiness is… Studying with Your Best Buddy

Contrary to the popular belief that studying alone will be better, having study buddies might actually work better for your children. Three students would be the ideal one. Just in case one of them is sick or has some personal matters, this study group would be able to carry on as per schedule. Prepare some snacks and drinks for their fuel. Do have short breaks in between. Even adults can’t stay 100% focus for 3 hours, let alone the children. This method has been proven with the students in one2tuition Learning Space who have back to back classes and still remain very positive and energetic despite the long hours.

Your Mind is a Powerful Thing

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Fill yourselves and your children with positivity.

We don’t really like to talk about the past. But… when past achievement is worth bringing up as a form of motivation, we need to do it. This allow them to have the “feel” of achievement and satisfaction.

Help them to choose their secondary schools. Visualizing themselves in their chosen school will help to motivate them further. If you miss the recent school open house, not to worry, there will be another open house in 2018. What a mind can perceive, it can achieve.

Let’s Borrow Gaga’s Poker Face

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No matter how disappointed or happy we are, take a deep breathe. Think positively and do not judge them. If you believe in consistency, you have to start practicing these from the start and not only on the very last lap towards PSLE. Many parents attitude changes abruptly especially towards the last lap of PSLE. This change may indirectly affect the child. It creates a more negative impact. Hence, all of us should learn how to maintain our emotions throughout their learning Journey.

Be There for Them

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For us, this is one of the simplest but the most important thing that we can do for them. Sit down with them and chat with them, not to ask them about work and study. Ask them about their days, what are their favourite songs and shows now, and things like that.

We just need to bring down their stress level by 1% every single day to help them achieve 1% more in their learning.

Not sure how to do any of the above? Don’t worry! We are just one call or whatsapp away. If you are nearby, do visit us and we can share some of our experiences as well 😊

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