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Exciting and Meaningful one2tuition March Holiday 2018

March holiday has passed but we can still remember vividly the that we had so much great fun! From Edupoly and PREMIER Program, we successfully create a stress-free learning environment for the little warriors. So what have we been up to?

We started the holiday with the so-much-fun one2tuition Edupoly. It was a pleasure for us as our friends, the child-actor Keller Teh from Lion Mums and J from youngsmarties, came to enjoy the Edupoly experience as well!

This Edupoly is an appreciation session for our little warriors for their effort in settling in the new school year and rewards for working hard for the CA 1. In addition, through Edupoly, we manage to identify their strength as well as their challenges that we need to work on before we start the new term in a subtle way, without them having to pretend that they know everything.

While the upper primary station played the Advanced version while the lower primary played the Simple version. No matter what it was, most importantly, both stations were lively and full of laughter.

For parents and educators, the Edupoly session could be an avenue for them to understand the child and guide them beyond academics. Throughout the game process, we were able to figure out which child was more motivated when they had to face challenges or they preferred to take it easy, whether they were spendthrift or they planned ahead in what they did. Identifying this was very helpful for us to determine which learning method would be more suitable for the child.

Since the kids were hooked on the Edupoly session, we decided to run another round for Science Revision last week.

Start Early, Free Yourself from the Unnecessary Stress

To help our upper primary students to have a better preparation for Term 2, we organized one2tuition PREMIER Program 1.0. For the last few months, a squad of tutors in one2tuition has been researching the potential exam questions, answering skills and templates as well as simplifying them so that it would be easy to understand and remember.

We were so delighted that our little warriors came with an open mind and learned enthusiastically. They continuously asked intelligent questions and clarification, proving that they had the ownership and had been working very hard for their examinations. The amazing feedback from the students and parents motivated us to work even harder for them. We are in the midst of our preparation for PREMIER Program 2.0 in June 2018. Stay tuned for more updates!

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