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5 Steps Taken to Protect one2tuition Family from 2019 Novel Coronavirus

Dear one2tuition family,

In light of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) situation, we hope that everyone, including us, is doing our part in keeping our community safe.

We would like to share necessary precautionary measures below to ensure we’ve got your back when it comes to health:

1) Temperature screening for all students and staffs. If any of our children and/or staffs are feeling unwell or are showing flu symptoms such as the runny nose, fever or sore throat, we have advised them to seek medical attention and rest at home. Thankfully, so far, everyone is well.

2) None of our staffs or students has travelled to and from China.

3) We increase the cleaning frequency. The class is cleaned before every session. In the Learning Space, all students and staffs are to wash and/or sanitise their hands before the lessons start. Hand sanitizers are provided for your use. For home sessions, our teachers will wash and/or sanitise their hands before conducting the lessons.

4) All staffs, students and visitors are to wear masks within the premises to prevent the risk of infection. We really would love to protect our students so we seek your understanding that visitors who are not wearing masks will not be allowed within the premises.

5) Please continue to educate our children about the importance of good personal hygiene such as coughing ethics, encourage them to wash hands frequently and not to share their food/drinks, eating utensils etc with others. Please encourage them to avoid rubbing their eyes or touching their nose or mouth.

Understandably, everyone is anxious. We were too. However, at the same time, this is a very good time to teach our children to be more socially responsible as they learn to protect themselves and the people around them. Let’s work together to give our children a safe and conducive learning environment. Let’s do our best until we get through this together. We will.

Meanwhile, to explain to your children about this whole situation in a more digestible way, do show them the artwork of a local Singaporean artist, Weiman Kow.

Source: Weiman Kow Art

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