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6 Secret Recipes to Prepare for PSLE with Your Children

Dear parents,

First and foremost, we would love to show our gratitude to you for allowing us to be part of your child's learning journey. Your belief keeps us going in helping these children unleashing their true potential.

Having a non-pressurizing learning environment is a must.

We know that it has been a challenging journey for you as you are helping your children to prepare for PSLE. We understand that because we have been there.

Through our years of experience, we have discovered the secrets for the children to achieve their desired results. Be academically and mentally prepared. No matter how many practice papers and revision they have done, if on the day, they feel anxious, they will not be able to achieve what they want. While being calm without doing any preparation makes them going to a battle without any armoury.

Striking the balance is the key. Both preparations have to come hand in hand.

And so, we have prepared a simple recipe to help your children to achieve the next level, to be both academically and mentally ready.

Academic Preparation

Revise Past Work

Hopefully, they have been filing all their past materials together. Pay special attention to the parts highlighted by the teachers. There’s a reason why those parts are always highlighted. If not, go to the next step.

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Learn from Mistakes

Embrace the mistakes made, accept that it is an issue and work towards solving this solution. Focus on fixing the issue. Together. Because they will definitely need a lot of support for this.

Using Practice Materials that Comes with Answers

Receiving immediate feedback is extremely essential as the exam is drawing near. This will allow them to move on and increase their exposure to different types of questions.

Mental Preparation

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Recharge with Brain-Boosting Food

Avocado, chocolate, salmon, name it! Additional booster from yummy food sounds good, right? Reward them with these superfoods which can improve their brain functions too. Explore this list to find out what you can get for them.

Practice Calmness and Deep Breathing

It is no longer a secret that slow breathing help to calm the nerves and minimise the panic attack. As easy as it sounds, slow breathing might be as challenging as word problems. It has to be practised. At home, before starting any of their revision paper, give them few minutes to practice this.

Ample Rest Throughout This Journey

As much as studying is important, taking a break is as important as well. Resting your mind will calm your heart. You will never know how it will make wonders.

And so, last but not least, for those who have participated in our boot camps, these are your bonus! You have to ACTS now! Share this recipe with them.


Knowing is not enough. You have to apply whatever you have learned to make it works for you.


Consistency always leads to excellence. Be disciplined and take ownership of your own study time. Be focused all the time and revise every day. You don’t necessarily need long hours but be consistent.


Tenacity is worth more than twice their weight of cleverness. No matter how many mistakes you have made, learn from it. Practice makes perfect. Enough said.


For parents, you just have to support them. It doesn’t have to be academically. Listen to them when they have hard days. Show them that you are always there for them no matter what. Commend and celebrate with them for every single small achievement they made.

With those, we wish you all the best for your preparation.

If you feel that our programmes have helped your child in any way, we hope that you can share this good news through our Facebook or Google Review to enable us to reach out to more students who might need our help.

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