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Have We Been Listening to Them?

Listening, one of the simplest yet one of the most challenging skills to acquire. Not only for the kids, but for us as well. We often, if not always, expect the kids to listen to what we say but are we doing it to them?

Let's start with a baby step. When we pick them from school later, these are few questions to get you started.

How is your day?

Knowing how they feel is very important. There are things that happen in school that we might not aware. Even the slightest upsetting thing worth our notice. If they give us a very short answer that makes it difficult to guess how they truly feel, we can proceed to the next question.

What is the most interesting you learn from school today?

By asking so, you will be able to know their interest. Once they like something, there will be an intrinsic motivation in them to learn about the subject on their own. We never know that this little spark of interest in learning will lead them to be the next J.K. Rowling, Einstein, Jack Ma and so on. Yeah, let's not ignore this spark.

What is the thing that you dislike from your day today?

If their answer relates to a particular academic subject, most of the times, it is because they find it challenging. This is the sign that we have to start exploring ways to make this subject simpler, before it snowballs. If it is a non-academic related answer, just listen to them. We don't have to rush to give the solution. Sometimes, they just need a listening ear.

Put our gadgets aside and just listen. Not only to their words but listen to their expressions and body languages. There are a lot of meaning in there. Trust us, this simple exercise can strengthen your bonding beyond your expectations. It's not too late to listen to them. Start today!

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