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Primary 3 Simulation Practice

Last Saturday, we made a special arrangement for a Simulation Practice for our P3 students. This year SA2 exam will be their first real examination ever. We wanted them to have a good experience. For some of them, it’s a real deal (even though we constantly tell them that they just need to focus on doing their best) and we don’t want it to be a traumatic one.

We have done this simulation many times. However, we usually conduct this for graduating students? Why do you want to do this? To add more pressure? Many asked.

It’s totally the opposite. We want to help them to overcome their challenges. Many times, these students have been working extremely hard every single day. However, a lot of times, the results that they received did not justify the hard efforts they have put in. They are being labelled as ‘careless student’, ‘not putting enough effort’ and so on. This issue can’t be solved simply by calling them ‘careless’ and asking them to be more meticulous.

Through the simulation, we observed them closely and worked together with them as a team to overcome the challenge.

For this particular simulation, we asked them to write a reflection on their feeling.

Boy: "Teacher, I don’t know what to fill in for the things I do well. I think I didn’t do well."

What a sad remark made by a boy who had a lot of potentials and good habits. He didn’t realise that there was a lot of strength that he displayed throughout the session. We told him about it and trust me, you would want to see the sparks in his eyes.

This is a good practice that you can do with your child at home. Focus on their strength to build their confidence and let them know how well they have done. Share with them some of the challenges that we observe and how we can overcome it together, most importantly, as a team.

Let’s make this learning journey a meaningful one for them.

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