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5 Things to Take Note for Singapore DSA-Sec Exercise 2019

Many of us are pretty much familiar with Direct School Admission for Secondary Schools (DSA-Secondary). It practically comes out in any education-related conversation for primary school students in Singapore. For those who are not aware, DSA basically an admission process that allows student to enroll in a school based on other achievements that showcase their talents and potentials. Throughout the years, changes have been made to support the students better in finding the right school based on their strengths and interests.

Here are the things you need to take note for DSA-Sec Exercise 2019.

Increasing Slots for DSA-Sec Intakes

Starting this year, all secondary schools can now admit up to 20% of their non-Integrated Programme (non-IP) Secondary 1 intake via DSA-Sec. There are up to 146 secondary schools participating in the exercise this year.

No Academic Test Required

The candidates applying for DSA selection process are no longer required to be tested academically through General Ability Test (GAT) and High Ability Selection Test (HAST). Their general academic abilities will be demonstrated through the PSLE. For those who think that you don't need to bother about your PSLE, you are wrong! The student can only have a reserved place in the school if he/she qualifies for an academic course offered by the school.

One for All, Lesser Paperwork!

To simplify the whole application process, students and parents can make their applications through the centralised online portal from the 2019-DSA Sec Exercise using the parents’ SingPass, except for School of the Performing Arts (SOTA) and Singapore Sports School. The two schools have unique selection processes which unable them from joining the centralised application process. For the rest of the schools, you only need to fill in one online form to apply to multiple schools.

All your details, including school-based achievements and awards, will be provided electronically to the schools. No certificates, transcripts or testimonials will be required. It’s simple, isn’t it?

Application is Free of Charge

There will be no more application fee to be collected. Yeah, it’s free-of-charge so that any student with talent and potential can apply without having to be concerned about any financial barriers.

Three School Choices or Three Talent Areas?

Both are possible. You can choose up to three schools and three talent areas in your application. Do explore the secondary schools development programmes related to your talent are by visiting their websites and attending the open houses. There are a lot of good schools. However, most importantly, you have to choose the one which will provide you with a suitable learning environment and develop your potential.

Start preparing it early. We wish you all the best in your application process.

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