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July 2020 Exam Booster Camp

Are their studying schedules go haywire after the circuit breaker? Or they just need s little bit of support before the exam? Whichever it is, we are ready to help.

We are opening one2tuition Learning Space to welcome any students who wish to have more focused learning, out of their comfort zone. Our objective is to provide a productive and yet stress-free environment.

What will these students get in return for their hard work?

- Free Topical Practices Booklet to Fill in Your Gap

- Encouraging Learning Environment

- Mock Examination Settings to Practice Time and Stress Management

- Winning Mentality Practice

- Standby Coaches to Provide Support

- Motivating Peers

- Instant Feedback on What to Learn Next

Schedules will be as per the following:

Morning: 9 to 11 am

Lunch break

Afternoon: 12 to 2 pm

PM or WhatsApp us for more details. Slots will be limited due to safety measures so book your slots early 😊

Which topics will be covered? UP TO YOU! We will design the sessions to accommodate your need! Book your preferred dates and let us know which topics you would love us to work with your child. One topic will be covered in each session.

There will be a total of 22 topics for science ranging from adaptations for survival, energy, systems and so on as well as 10 topics for math including fractions, ratio, percentage available for you to choose. Only 10 slots available for each day to ensure quality learning for everyone.

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